Thursday, August 28, 2014

I-spy with my little eye...

I just love an I-spy quilt! Don't you?

The first quilt I ever made was a toddler bed sized I-spy quilt for my daughter, and it's still in use even though she's outgrown it. Our youngest boy loves her quilt, pink mermaid backing at all!

And so when I saw the 3rd Quarter Project on the Hopeful Threads blog (baby sewing), I just knew I'd be making a quilt. An I-spy one to be exact!

Maybe you can help? It doesn't have to be a quilt. Bibs, blankies, burp clothes, and so much more are needed. And all those are such quick sews and a great use for leftover fabric from projects! Click the link above, or the Hopeful Threads blog button in the right side bar, for all the details!


I just love the stripey look to the binding!! I really need to use stripes for the binding more often, it's definitely my new favorite option!

Pattern is the I-Spy quilt block from the Missouri Star Quilt Company on YouTube. I changed the size a little to fit my I-spy scraps and then ended up trimming my finished blocks and sashing quite a bit, so I can't give specific instructions this go round, sorry!

I'll be back soon with more of what I've been sewing up!

In the mean time I need to give this quilt a huge hug and then mail it off, so that it can pass that big hug onto the cutie little baby that receives it.
See you soon!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

So I just spent 5 days at the Houston Quilt Market... (not was MONTHS ago, whoops!)

Oh no!! I just realized I never published this post! Well I can't just leave it as a draft, I had too much fun at the Houston International Quilt Market to not share about it! So this is a bit of a throwback Sunday post, sorry about that!

It was such fun, and totally amazing to see the amazing fabrics, quilts, patterns and every notion or fun item they had available. And it was also utterly exhausting!

I had no idea just how HUGE the market truly was until we arrived to set up the booth. Which booth? Why the Fishsticks Designs booth, of course!

Bonnie and her daughter were going to drive to quilt market, and she invited me to come along! And much to my delight Kristy from Hopeful Threads was joining us too!

Bonnie and Samantha had driven to Texas for Quilt Market, and they sweetly came to pick me up from my home, not exactly on their way to the airport to pick up Kristy. I was thankful they did because that saved me driving down, as well as making sure my son didn't miss his art class that he loves to much with the local homeschool group.

Waiting for Kristy's flight to arrive in Houston!

Photo nabbed from Fishsticks Designs, thanks Bonnie!

Bonnie and I in the booth.

I have a thing for chickens, as we all know by now, so I fell in love with this display.

Well, I just HAD to get a photo with Santa to send to the kids at home with their Dad!

From photo stand at quilt market with Kristy and Samantha.

Waiting for the bus to ferry us to the convention center in the rain.

Our transportation!

The best baked potatoes I've had in a long time!

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