Wednesday, April 24, 2013

To some bunny with love

I don't get a chance to help as often as I could, but I am working on changing that. Truly I'd love to help by sewing for the Hopeful Threads projects every single month!

This month is all about:

I sewed up two bunnies with the Sew Much Ado, Faux Chenille Bunny Tutorial. They are so cute and fluffy!

Missy helped me fill their hearts with love by kissing them where their hearts would be, and filling them with love and happy thoughts for their new owners. :) I should have grabbed a photo of her kissing them to life, it was utterly adorable to watch!

They'll be on their way to Kristy at Hopeful Threads soon. Say a prayer if you would, that they're exactly what their little recipients were wishing for to cuddle with. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Spring 2013

I decided to join the KCW for the first time!

My list is made:

I will be sewing a few more things this week as well, but these are the ones specifically chosen for KCW.

Let the busy week begin!

*UFO = Unfinished object

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When you cut out two left legs...

Then the only logical thing to do is to make 2 sets of matching, color blocked pajamas instead of 1!

I see you Mom!

The other matching pair.
(The pants are front side down, as I was trying to show the tag placement in the back. And I swear the legs are the same length. I was just trying to rush the photo before little fingers invaded, lol!)
Pattern is the Lazy Days Lounge Set from the fabulous Fishsticks Designs.

Isn't he just the most adorable little boy? *sigh* He's getting too big already.
And yes, for those with a discerning eye, that's a stuffed Darth Vader with Easter bunny ears. It's how we roll. ;)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Starting to prep for summer

My summer sewing has officially started. Soon the days are going to be unbearably hot and we're going to have some sweaty, cranky, kids on our hands. Not to mention the cranky mama! I'm not an "enjoy Texas summer heat" kind of gal, that's a special breed of person right there.

We're going to needs lots of tanks, shorts, light dresses, and of course swimsuits for cooling off with sprinklers in the backyard.

So thanks to some recent sew a longs to motivate me, here are the first couple of additions to the kids' summer wardrobe.

The Little Man: The Tank from Fishsticks Designs (free tutorial and pattern). 2T.
And no outer space tank would be complete without a rocket to explore the great unknown! The rocket tag is designed and sold by Night Owl's Menagerie.
 Why a freebie? Why not?! It fits perfectly and it is fast and easy to sew up. You can't beat that! I've used this pattern before, for my daughter, and it has never disappointed. :)


I swear he was trying to give me attitude about posing for a photo!
Don't you just love the tank though? 

Next up...

For Missy: A Crossover Tunic from Jocole. Size 5.
It's supposed to be knee length, but quite thankfully on her it extends to below her knee, which is a much better length for a little girl with zero concern for modesty. ;)
This is my first time ever sewing a Jocole pattern, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect.
Here's what I loved:
  • the way her pattern has specific cut and join lines,
  • the 1" square grid goes over the entire pattern, which makes it really easy to tell of the pattern has printed to the correct scale,
  • it was really simple and easy to sew,
  • I love how the binding is done on the neck and sleeves, and she explains how to finish those areas in a variety of other ways including FOE (fold over elastic),
  • the tunic (nightie in this case) fits perfectly without being too snug or too loose in any areas.
I will definitely consider buying another Jocole pattern in the future.

I will, however, consider not allowing the girlie to eat pizza in her brand new nightie again...crossing fingers that sauce comes out in the wash tonight!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

And then there were three...

As you know, we received our 4 sweet backyard chicks in the mail during August 2012. We love them dearly and they're so much fun to be around!

However, this past week we had to say goodbye to one of darling gals, Izzy.  Izzy was our slightly skittish, but so adorable, Black Australorp. We don't know what happened or why. All that we know is it must have been sudden She was fine in the morning, layed us an egg (still in our fridge), and she was gone by late afternoon.

Rest in Peace darling Izzy, you will be missed.

Thankfully Buttercup, Millie, and Meep are all still looking very healthy and are still laying well for us, despite the broody fever that's trying to spread. :)

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