Wednesday, April 24, 2013

To some bunny with love

I don't get a chance to help as often as I could, but I am working on changing that. Truly I'd love to help by sewing for the Hopeful Threads projects every single month!

This month is all about:

I sewed up two bunnies with the Sew Much Ado, Faux Chenille Bunny Tutorial. They are so cute and fluffy!

Missy helped me fill their hearts with love by kissing them where their hearts would be, and filling them with love and happy thoughts for their new owners. :) I should have grabbed a photo of her kissing them to life, it was utterly adorable to watch!

They'll be on their way to Kristy at Hopeful Threads soon. Say a prayer if you would, that they're exactly what their little recipients were wishing for to cuddle with. :)


  1. Love them!!! Thank you Leigh.....and Missy! :)

    1. It was our pleasure! We're hoping to join in more often!


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