Sunday, April 7, 2013

And then there were three...

As you know, we received our 4 sweet backyard chicks in the mail during August 2012. We love them dearly and they're so much fun to be around!

However, this past week we had to say goodbye to one of darling gals, Izzy.  Izzy was our slightly skittish, but so adorable, Black Australorp. We don't know what happened or why. All that we know is it must have been sudden She was fine in the morning, layed us an egg (still in our fridge), and she was gone by late afternoon.

Rest in Peace darling Izzy, you will be missed.

Thankfully Buttercup, Millie, and Meep are all still looking very healthy and are still laying well for us, despite the broody fever that's trying to spread. :)

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