Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hexie Obsession

I have a new obsession. HEXAGONS!

I made some during a pincushion swap... and I just couldn't stop there.

So this is what I did on Sunday:

L to R : prepping 80 hexagons on cardstock, making a cute tower, sewing hexies in the van.
Bottom: 54 hexies basted!

I printed out 4 sheets of hexagons from a year old post by Texas Freckles. I just LOVE her for sharing this template! That my dears, is 80 hexagons in total. I spent a little while in the morning cutting them out and then making a cute little tower...which led to the photo shoot.

Then on Sunday afternoon the opportunity presented itself for me to make as many 1" hexies as possible. You see, we took a trip to Trader Joes in the afternoon, and for once I was a passenger. Normally when I am playing passenger I simply chat a bit, stare out the window, or spend a wee bitty too much time on Facebook in between stomping on an imaginary brake pedal. ;)

But this time I decided to make better use of my time and be productive. As it turns out 3 hours (roundtrip) = 54 hexies! I was getting faster with them by the end so who knows, maybe next time I could double that number!

3 hours might be a little absurd for a grocery store run, but it honestly IS the closest TJ location. Also, I need to get more familiar with this route and the length of the drive anyway. You see, that's how far we need to travel to see an orthodontist for our son. But that's a story for another day.

Here's the pincushion I made for the swap, the one that started this obsession:

And of course, it has one of my favourite tags from Night Owl's Menagerie.

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