Friday, May 3, 2013

Ruffled Neckline Nightie!

I don't generally alter patterns, actually I can come really close to saying never. But as I was sewing the binding onto the neckline of this nightie, I realized that I hadn't cut it wide enough. It wasn't going to be able to be folded and wrap over to the front properly. Whoops!

I detest unpicking . . .detest it with a passion! So I decided that right then was the perfect time to conquer gathering with the serger!

It took quite a bit of playing around and Pinterest searching...but I did it! Then the new gathered piece was sewn to the too-narrow binding, folded over, and topstiched into place. The serger hated me a bit along the front section where everything overlaps, but with a little coaxing she chugged along like a trooper. I did go back and reinforce that whole seam with the sewing machine as well. I felt it was needed with so many layers all trying to be in one place, at one time. Thankfully that was the last step, and finally it was time to turn it right side out for Missy's review.

Miss squealed, hugged the new nightie (and me!), and then declared she would wear it ALL DAY! Ha ha ha! Good thing it's already close to bedtime!

And lest you think that little Missy always behaves for photos, this is a very polite version of what she is usually doing!

The pattern is the wonderful Crossover Tunic from Jocole, that I snapped up on sale a short while ago. I planned on making tops, tunics, and dresses with it for this summer (and I am sure I will) but so far I absolutely love it for nighties!


  1. Ooh cute! Stopped by when I saw your comment icon on another blog, clicked on your info, and saw your photo - you're beautiful! And apparently skilled with a serger, too. Just wanted to say that :)

    1. Oh my, you are so sweet you're making me blush! I honestly don't think that I'd sew even half as much as I do, if I didn't have my serger. I am excited to learn what else I can do with her, now that I am gaining more confidence!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to look around and comment. :)


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