Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roly Poly Pinafore Tag-a-long

Seeing as I'm not officially part of the Roly-Poly-Along blog tour, I decided it wasn't right to make it seem as though I was. So tag-a-long it is!

I was so sweetly gifted this pattern, The Roly-Poly Pinafore by Imagine Gnats, by someone very dear to me, so how could I not jump on this bandwagon and sew one up right away?!

First we have the cutest look: The winter wardrobe...complete with summer flowers in the background!
She LOVES the pockets!

Pointing at pretty flowers so that I could capture the back.

Eeeek! Mommy there are BEES!

Then we decided to show off the reverse.
The reverse with a little pair of denim shorts. Perfect for the hot Texas weather that's come to town lately.
And just in case you are wondering, those are full sleeves of fake tattoos!

The back. Nice and airy, yet still covered enough to be appropriate in public. And you can see her back piece peeking out at the top!

And finally with a skirt.
The last look. A pretty little girlie in summer skirt and pinafore.

I followed the recommendation of choosing the size to sew by Missy's measurements instead of her RTW size. The size 4 will fit her now and all through winter as well. She usually wears a 5T, but the 4 fits perfectly!

I did overcast the hidden side seams and pocket edges, as I just couldn't bring myself to leave them raw. I used iron-on interfacing on the areas that would receive buttons and buttonholes. I added it right before turning the pinafore right side out. It adds strength to those areas and lessens the chance of Missy ripping the straps, like when she's rough-housing with her brothers.

She LOVES her pinny and it's pockets are a hit with her! I think it'd be fun to make a few print corduroy ones for the winter, to wear over some basic, solid color, long sleeves. Over even some solid pinafores to wear over bright or print knit shirts! 

All in all it is a very cute pattern and I am sure you'll enjoy the end result as much as I do!


  1. Super cute! I like the look of long sleeves underneath for cooler weather!

    1. Thank you so much! It's really so cute and versatile!
      I enjoyed peeking at your blog and I'll be following along to see what other amazing things you create! :)

  2. Adorable!!! Great work Mom! And her creative expression certainly provides the perfect compliment! ;)

  3. super cute!!! and i love the tattoos :)

    1. Thanks Rachael! They enjoyed themselves so much with that $1 pack of tattoos!

  4. SEW cute.... hahahahaha. seriously though, you're right the pattern is great and im glad you tagged along.

    1. Thanks so much Emilia! Lol! I am too, it truly is "sew cute"! :D


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