Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Preteen jammies and freshly licked walls

Yes, you read the post title correctly...but I'll get into that in a bit!

JBug has had a few more growth spurts recently (ack!) and so the poor guy only has a couple pairs of jammies left, and even those should really head to the donation box soon! I don't sew nearly as often for him, as I'm always concerned that he's not going to deem what I've made "cool enough" to wear. He's at that stage already. o_O
But he swears he still loves the things I make for him...which isn't that much sadly *rapping my own knuckles with the side of a ruler as punishment*. ;)

So we dug through the stash for a tester pair of Pajama Party PJs. With all the growth spurts he's gone through I wasn't sure which size would fit, but we managed to eek out a pair in size 10 from the robot fabric and co-ordinate that we found! They fit perfectly, but they don't' have much growing room - and we already know he's doing a lot of that lately - so from now on I need to sew him size 12s!!!


The fabric is cotton woven (nice and cool for the summer) and I used snaps as closures. I gave him the choice of either buttons or snaps, and he chose snaps. They're quick and easy to attach, even easier now that I found the metal snap dies for my snap press, and as it turns out I wouldn't have been able to make the buttonholes easily anyway. My favorite machine's automatic buttonhole foot seems to be in hiding, and my other machine suddenly has a broken buttonhole foot guide. Sigh. 

Every now and then I get a glimpse of the man he is quickly becoming. For example in this photo where you can see his neck is a little wider, a little more "teen-like". Sniff.

He has tried wearing these for 5 nights in a row (eew!) and when I caught him avoiding the wash basket he confessed: "But they're just SO comfortable! I just want to keep wearing them!". That's great son, that really is....but how about I wash them and have them back to you before bed, hmm?? ;)

Take one like this Mom!

Oooh, you're in a modelling mood! Let the games begin!
*I pretended to be a fancy fashion photographer and took lots of rapid succession photos while laughing just a tiny bit like an evil villain in an animated film, and this is what the poor boy looked like!

Stop!! Stop!!!Ahhh! The flash!!!

And then I looked over at the littlest minion, who had been next to his big brother the whole time...and this is what I saw.....

Anyone want to guess what he's doing?

And that's the story of how the " No licking the walls" rule came about! ;)

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