Tuesday, July 23, 2013

KCW Day 4,5,& 6: The Lazy Susan!

Day 4 of KCW was really a bit of a bust. I was so tired and busy that I didn't do anything more than sew the dress's flutter sleeves right sides together. Yes, 2 lines of sewing ... that's all I did!

Day 5 was a much better day! I sewed up almost the entire dress, except for the buttons / buttonholes (because I didn't buy them beforehand, silly me) and therefore I couldn't attach the skirt to the bodice.

Day 6: My sweet husband dropped me off at Joann with only the little guy, which means I could take my time finding the buttons, thread and anything else that caught my fancy. And back home I finished up the dress in no time at all while hubby and the big kids went to watch Despicable Me in 3D! I was slightly jealous but I haven't had quiet sewing time in ages, and besides 3D makes my eyes hurt. So I wasn't too heart broken staying behind while Little Man napped. ;)

Without further ado: The Lazy Susan!

What's you secret to make the kids smile and behave for photos? Today it was promising her that she could make silly faces afterwards, and a few really weird sounds to keep her giggling!

Have a wonderful day!

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