Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Carnival Skort and Shoreline Tank

Fishsticks Designs has a whole new series of patterns out: The Jersey Love Series. They are all fabulous but I knew I just HAD to sew up The Carnival Skort for Missy asap. She loves to wear skirts but she simply doesn't have...ahem...decorum (is that the word I'm looking for here?) in public, or even in the privacy of our home! So short leggings underneath all her skirts and dresses or skorts is a must!

Before my month long break I cut out a couple of these Shoreline Tanks from Jocole, only I made the very silly mistake of being distracted while cutting them out, and I didn't cut them on the fold. Which means instead of a solid piece for the front and another for the back, I ended up with two pieces for each! Oops!

I just seamed the back of the tank together because Missy has only recently moved into a 5T, and I knew that the seam wouldn't take away all the wiggle room in the width. For the front I didn't want a plain seam distracting from the look of the outfit. Thanks to a few suggestions from my sweet friends I cut a length of the same fabric as her skorts (almost double the length of the front, from neckline to hem), gathered it, and stitched it down the center between the two sides I'd cut for the front. I hemmed and then applied the FOE for binding and straps as per the directions. 

Don't like or don't have FOE? Jodi (Jocole) includes several options for the straps and binding. I'm willing to bet you'll find one in her directions that works perfectly for you!

The Carnival Skort requires no hemming and so it goes together really quickly! I opted to serge the skirt panels together with seams hidden, and the leggings underneath are the same solid brown stretch jersey as the waistband. They fit perfectly and I can tell they are so comfortable!

She was so happy with her pretty new set that she decided some spinning around and dancing for the camera was needed to show off her delight! Can you believe how much she's grown just in the past year and a half? She's such a big girlie now.

Thanks for stopping by! Now off you go to make some Carnival Skorts for someone dear to you!

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  1. I like the strip down the middle! I'd never know it was a mistake. Looks great :)


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