Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fidget Apron #1

Yay! I finally finished my first Fidget Apron for the Hopeful Threads July Project!

It honestly didn't take me long to make as it's a quick and easy sew, but I kept getting distracted by the items  I was adding to "fidget" with! I kept thinking of new things to add. And I wanted to make the best use of the goodies I won in a recent Hopeful Threads giveaway, between the two aprons I am sewing up for donation.

Apron #1 was supposed to be modeled by my handsome husband, but with his current work schedule and my absent-mindedness...well...let's just say it didn't happen as planned.

So I had to BEG our big boy to model this apron for me, and he was MORTIFIED to be seen in an apron (ha ha!), so I had to promise his face wouldn't be in any shot - hence the headless model! He's also super slim, so I actually had to tie the apron around his body and arms to make all the fidget items show! LOL!

I turned the lace from Kristy into a flower and added a big button in the center. A cute owl iron on design will be smiling at the wearer as they look down at the apron. The purple shaggy strip is another item from Kristy and the perfect strip to add a few hanging items on ribbons, like buttons, beads, a stretchy band, and spring.

I had a big open space under the spring that I wasn't sure how to fill, until I spied a little pile of buttons! I made a very light outline of a heart with my washable fabric marker, and then proceeded to sew on buttons into that heart shape. I knotted the thread at the back after each button to help secure them for the many wash cycles they will most likely endure.

The beads and spring are on split rings (like for keyrings) and can easy be removed by those in charge of washing these aprons. I also made good use of my poly snaps and made up a little snap-strap. That strap can either be used to keep fingers busy, or to attach extra items onto the apron if the person can't easily unsnap them.
I also had fun using my prepped hexies to make a cute flower to look at, and I used the loop strip of a diapering brand of hook and loop tape as the stem.
The fluffy white strip and the blue bobbles below were both 1/4 yard impulse purchases at Joann for the apron, and I am so glad I grabbed them when I did. The white strip is so comforting and soft to touch, as are the bobbles.

I made a silly mistake when I started sewing up the pocket, and it ended working out fabulously! I sewed the backing piece to the bottom of the zipper instead of the slightly smaller bottom piece, which means I now had nothing to back the pocket with! I looked at the fabrics I had sitting on my cutting table and saw this pretty tulip print I've had for ages. And one *lightbulb* moment later, my pocket now has a fabulous contrasting inner that will be great to peek in and see!

I'll be starting on the other apron today using the panel and the rest of the wonderful goodies I won! Stay tuned!


  1. This looks so great! And I LOVE the snap strip, what a great idea!

    1. Thanks Kristy! It was so fun to make and I am really excited to start #2!


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