Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fidget apron #2!

Woohoo! Both "Fidget Aprons" are done and on their way to The Rag Bag of Shelby! I actually mailed them a few days ago, but I have been busy prepping for another project and haven't had a chance to get the post about the second apron up until now!

My handsome husband...and the face of a man up to nonsense! Needless to say, it was difficult to keep even a semi straight face during this shoot! 

The second apron was made using as many as possible of the wonderful goodies I received in the mail from Kristy, over at Hopeful Threads. All the goodies I didn't use have been kept aside to use in future Hopeful Threads monthly projects!

There are several big buttons, a spring, and a stretchy snapping strap!

Can I just say that I LOVE being able to help our with her monthly projects! I know I don't always manage to help out every month, but I know that even one of anything helps towards the goal! Kristy's post here is truly inspirational and a fabulous reminder of how much difference you can make with just 1 item: The Significance of ONE.

The pocket was edged in a pretty woven ribbon. There is a ribbon strung across with roses to move around. Also there are tags all around the edge to play with.

I added extra fabric ribbons, flowers and beads to help adorn the already gorgeous apron panel.

A removable empty magic tape roll was added on the left of the buttons.
Sorry for the blue color-cast on this one, my editing skills are better but for some reason the photos that day came out with strange color casts that I couldn't eliminate completely.

And then I added a ribbon with a stretchy hair tie and beads to slide back and forth!

And don't forget:

Hopeful Thread's August project can be found here:
Hopeful Threads

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