Thursday, August 28, 2014

I-spy with my little eye...

I just love an I-spy quilt! Don't you?

The first quilt I ever made was a toddler bed sized I-spy quilt for my daughter, and it's still in use even though she's outgrown it. Our youngest boy loves her quilt, pink mermaid backing at all!

And so when I saw the 3rd Quarter Project on the Hopeful Threads blog (baby sewing), I just knew I'd be making a quilt. An I-spy one to be exact!

Maybe you can help? It doesn't have to be a quilt. Bibs, blankies, burp clothes, and so much more are needed. And all those are such quick sews and a great use for leftover fabric from projects! Click the link above, or the Hopeful Threads blog button in the right side bar, for all the details!


I just love the stripey look to the binding!! I really need to use stripes for the binding more often, it's definitely my new favorite option!

Pattern is the I-Spy quilt block from the Missouri Star Quilt Company on YouTube. I changed the size a little to fit my I-spy scraps and then ended up trimming my finished blocks and sashing quite a bit, so I can't give specific instructions this go round, sorry!

I'll be back soon with more of what I've been sewing up!

In the mean time I need to give this quilt a huge hug and then mail it off, so that it can pass that big hug onto the cutie little baby that receives it.
See you soon!

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  1. Hi: Just checking to see how you are. Remember, I'm the other blogger who enjoys Rooibos tea.....and Alexander McCall Smith. I think he has a new book out. Hope your life is good. My own blogging has slowed a little. I keep cleaning out closets instead of blogging. Maybe I should blog closets! Cheers, Kathie in Odessa, WA


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