Friday, October 11, 2013

The Newest Marvel Superhero!

I'm ashamed! It's been almost 2 months since my last confession...okay, more like blog post... and I swear I really HAVE been busy, I just haven't been blogging!

I would like to introduce the newest Marvel Superhero....or at least what young superheroes wear to bed. ;)

Is he Spiderman?

Or maybe Hulk?

Nope, he's just a handsome little Jbug ready for some superhero dreams!

Isn't that cool fabric? I seriously wanted to steal it from his pile of fabric and make a dress for myself!

His hair is usually flat as a pancake but I gave him permission to just pick a style for the photoshoot....20 minutes later he finally emerged from the bathroom! Lol!

Hmm.....what shall I ask Mom to make for me next time?

And by now there are a few of you reading this that are saying to yourself something along the lines of: "Doesn't she know the buttons and buttonholes are on the wrong side for a boy?". Why yes, yes I do...however my sweet guy BEGGED me to ignore my sewing rules, and put Iron Man on the top so that he would be able to see the whole picture. Who am I to say no?

Iron Man from and center!
Pattern: The ever fabulous Fishsticks Designs - The Pajama Party PJs in size 12.


  1. So I didn't know there was a side for buttons based on gender - I am so uninformed when it comes to clothes! They look fantastic and he looks so happy :)

  2. Great fabric and what a family of individualists you are (while being a strong family, too)! Thanks for sharing. Kathie in Odessa, WA


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