Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dyeing Playsilks!

I've been playing around with the few playsilks I bought a little while ago, dyeing them with koolaid. It's been quite fun!

I am no pro at this, but the great thing is I don't have to dedicate a huge chunk of time to it. I can just have one soaking in the vinegar/water solution, take it out, splash on some dye in my good ol' pyrex dish, throw it in the microwave etc. I'm following the directions found on The Artful Parent blog (she does the most amazing crafts with her kids, I'm in awe!) to make some pretty good dye effects for a novice!

I'm going to keep playing for a little bit and then I'll post all the results! My 6.5 year old son is using the pink and purple tie-dye one for a pretend picnic tablecloth and the long reddish-pink one as a ninja turtle head sash as I type. So cute! And now he's requesting felt food like "the 3 year old girl", aka M (my friend's little girl), got for her birthday recently. Mmmmm.... Might have to buy those....I think I'm out of time for new crafts. ;)

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