Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meet Sally Squid - My first Bit of Whimsy Doll

I finished my first Bit of Whimsy doll yesterday! Sally Squid!

Mia (6mths) loves it and I got a request from Jared (6.5yrs) for one made from fabric he saw in my stash with planets on it. :)

I made myself a promise that I would complete at least one project before I took last minute advantage of her pattern sale. Yay! Off to decide on a couple patterns to get!


  1. You did a great job! I love Bit of Whimsy patterns. I have quite a few of them myself.

  2. hi!!!
    besides that your blog is pretty cute(i wish i could do the the whole background thing :S)and i live the squid you made for your gorgeous little one, i wanted to say thank you for enjoying and visiting my blog. perhaps we should follow each other. ;D

  3. you did a squid! looks great! your dd is too cute.

  4. Thanks! I am loving the Bit of Whimsy patterns! I have an "order" in from my son and from my friend for her 3 little ones! I'd better get hopping! Well, as soon as i can find some chenille....any suggestions besides Joann?


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