Friday, March 5, 2010

Beach day!

Yesterday was "Beach Day" with the base homeschool group! I'm ashamed to say how few times we've been to the beach since we moved to sunny SoCal, but this year I'm going to make sure we take advantage of the wonderful on-base beach we have here.

There are actually two beach areas on base, but thankfully the one I like the most is the one closest to my house!

There was a big military ship anchored off the shore: (I'll ask the hubby for the details on the exact type of ship later, I'm not good at remembering those things, lol!)

Jared was in and out of the water, splashing, digging and have a great time with all the kids in the group.
He doesn't know how to swim yet...we need to sign him up for lessons this summer. A few times I had to remind him to to go too far into the little waves as the big ones sneak up so quickly, but for the most part he played nicely and stayed in the shallows.

Mia was on my back in my buckle-tai carrier from Two Mommas Designs for a good while before she demanded to be let down, only to come to a shocking realization that she was now standing on cold sand that was touching her! Oh the shock and horror, lol! After a little while of standing without moving a muscle in her legs, I managed to loosen her up enough to gingerly toddle around talk to a few of the mothers. Once she figured out the sand wasn't so bad she was toddling all over the place, checking out everyone's beach bags and chairs for possible treasures!

So exited!

There Mommy! I go get it!

Come here birdie birdie!

The wind was icy cold, especially when the sun hid behind the clouds, and of course I'd brought the kids jackets, but I didn't bring one for myself. I need to remember I'm not quite as tough as I used to be "back in the day" when it took snow falling for me to put a sweater on. I'm getting old....okay not that old...just old enough where I find myself thinking that I need to "take care of myself" a little better... And it's obvious I wasn't doing that yesterday because today my throat is a little sore...whoops!

Seagull tracks....they look confused ;)

Isn't he a beaut! 


  1. Looks like such a fun day!

    And thank you for the blog link - I'm happy to find your blog by way of it! :)

  2. Thanks Kim!
    Your blog is " Confessions of a Sewciopath" correct? That's where your profile takes me. If so, I've been following you for a while now, you make lovely things!

  3. Lovely pictures...

    I am interested about the base with home schools. I am in San Diego. Please email me if this is in my area.


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