Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our new Adventure: Homeschooling!

Meet the newest homeschooling mama on the block: Me!

I'm not going to go into details except to say that public school was not a good fit for Jared.We didn't like what was going on and we decided enough was enough, things had to change...and chnage they did!

He's been at home for slightly over a week now, woohoo!

We've been spending our "school" time doing revision, meeting other homeschool families at park days and just trying to re-figure out what some sort of daily schedule would be for us. The initial schedule I had in mind went up in flames (figuratively ;) ) when I realized that waiting for Mia to go down for a nap to start was not an option. Jared is ready to start most mornings right after breakfast. This morning he's plotting something out on paper "for when he's bigger", so I'll let him finish that before we get started.

But he also tires and gets frustrated quickly, so we need lots of breaks and we have to be wary of distractions....and if you have ever had or been near a 1 year old, you know they're a walking distraction leaving a trail of disaster, lol! Lots for a little boy supposed to be doing work to watch! ;)

I also need to work on my patience. (Where's an embarrassed smiley when you need one?) I've become short-tempered and impatient over the past few years and I'm pretty sure homeschooling is another way of God knocking on my door reminding me that patience is a virtue...or something much more profound. ;)

Last week, after a few days of being home, Jared pulled out his paints and brushes during one of his breaks and tore off a large piece of paper from the giant roll I found at Ikea last year (gotta love that place!). He did half of his project before we had to go and run some errands and I'll admit I asked what the last half was going to say...he told me and when we returned from our missions I let him finish because I really wanted it done, lol!

I was so proud of him and it helped quiet down those first week of homeschooling thoughts that run something like: "Oh my gosh, what am I doing? Will he learn from me? Will he resent us for pulling him out of PS? Will I go crazy? Will I ever figure out what curriculum to use?" and so on.

I fought the urge to trim the edges neatly for him and instead just enjoyed the poster as-is...a self inspired work of art that makes my heart swell with pride and happiness!

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