Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Handmade 52 - Item 5 - Missy's Dress

One of my all time favorite designers, Samantha from Little Comet Tails, designed a dress for a her daughter called the "Spin Around Dress". It has the most adorable sweetheart neckline that just looks so cute on our little girlie. And because Samantha's such a sweetie, it was (and still is) available free from her blog in a size 2T.

Well, recently she went back to that pattern and graded it to fit a sz 4-6 as her daughter, Molly, had outgrown the original size. And what does she do? She offers it as a freebie on her Facebook page! All you have to do is "Like" her FB page (linked above) and you'll be able to download this awesome dress pattern. Trust me, it's well worth it. Plus, there's always something wonderful going on over there!

Anyway. I decided to jump in and make Missy a new Spin Around dress! I'd been hoarding this beautiful "shirting" fabric from Joann for a while now, and decided it was time to use it. Hubby gave his suggestion on what colour to use for the sash (off the kids and I went to Joann for the sash fabric), and then the cutting and sewing began.
On a whim I swapped the skirt portion out for a full circle skirt, cut out based on this tutorial from Dana Made It. I've been wanting to try a circle skirt for so long now, but I keep getting busy with other things, so instead of waiting for another time I just went for it!

The end result:

 Just a quick check on brother mid-shoot. Too cute!

Mia is definitely at the small end of the sizing, but thanks to the lovely sash it stays on beautifully and will fit for a couple years to come! Which is great by the way, because did I mention I LOVE this fabric?! ;) Thanks Samantha! And the next one I make will have the original skirt and probably cap sleeves from her free sleeve pattern to fit this dress.

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  1. That is just gorgeous! The fabric is stunning!


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