Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roly Poly Pinafore Tag-a-long

Seeing as I'm not officially part of the Roly-Poly-Along blog tour, I decided it wasn't right to make it seem as though I was. So tag-a-long it is!

I was so sweetly gifted this pattern, The Roly-Poly Pinafore by Imagine Gnats, by someone very dear to me, so how could I not jump on this bandwagon and sew one up right away?!

First we have the cutest look: The winter wardrobe...complete with summer flowers in the background!
She LOVES the pockets!

Pointing at pretty flowers so that I could capture the back.

Eeeek! Mommy there are BEES!

Then we decided to show off the reverse.
The reverse with a little pair of denim shorts. Perfect for the hot Texas weather that's come to town lately.
And just in case you are wondering, those are full sleeves of fake tattoos!

The back. Nice and airy, yet still covered enough to be appropriate in public. And you can see her back piece peeking out at the top!

And finally with a skirt.
The last look. A pretty little girlie in summer skirt and pinafore.

I followed the recommendation of choosing the size to sew by Missy's measurements instead of her RTW size. The size 4 will fit her now and all through winter as well. She usually wears a 5T, but the 4 fits perfectly!

I did overcast the hidden side seams and pocket edges, as I just couldn't bring myself to leave them raw. I used iron-on interfacing on the areas that would receive buttons and buttonholes. I added it right before turning the pinafore right side out. It adds strength to those areas and lessens the chance of Missy ripping the straps, like when she's rough-housing with her brothers.

She LOVES her pinny and it's pockets are a hit with her! I think it'd be fun to make a few print corduroy ones for the winter, to wear over some basic, solid color, long sleeves. Over even some solid pinafores to wear over bright or print knit shirts! 

All in all it is a very cute pattern and I am sure you'll enjoy the end result as much as I do!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Big Reveal!

When Jessica S, the winner of the giveaway, said her son liked trucks I searched through my stash, flinging fabric aside as I dug through the piles. Okay, so maybe I didn't really fling fabric around, after all, isn't my to-do list long enough, without adding "re-fold all fabric" to it? But many fabrics did get shuffled around, and what I discovered was.....I have a serious shortage of truck print fabric!

I peeked around at Joann, but I wasn't really feeling like what I found was the perfect fabric for the job, and I certainly didn't find a good solid to go with anything that I did find.

What's a girl with a deadline, no truck fabric, and no hoop for her embroidery machine, to do?!

The answer? Applique, of course!

Honestly. I have only done applique work about 2 or 3 other times, so I was a little nervous giving it a go on some of my best striped fabric (Michael Miller). But the many silent little prayers along the way were answered, and I am actually very happy with the finished product!

I didn't have any co-ordinating solids, so I spent ages painstakingly matching every single stripe, right down to the arm and leg bands!

I dare not let Little Man see this set, lest he decides I need to add a pair for him to my to-do list!

A few links from today's project:
The pattern: The AMAZING Lazy Days Lounge Set by Fishsticks Designs!
The applique: Truck and Tools by Angel Lea Designs on Etsy
This was my first time purchasing from Angel Lea Designs, and it was a great experience! I bought a 3 applique template bundle deal, and despite us being in opposite time zones, the files her sent extremely quickly! They are well designed, simple enough for a newbie like me to put together, and beautifully presented. I'll definitely be back for more!
What was the third template I bought in the bundle? Why an absolutely cool Pirate Ship, of course!
The clothing labels: They're satin, foldover ones from my absolutely favorite label source, Night Owl's Menagerie on Etsy!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day - Join me for my first ever giveaway!

And the winner of my very first giveaway is:
(drumroll please)
Jessica S.

Her comment:
I love Made by Rae's Flashback skinny tee. Thanks for the great giveaway!

The giveaway has ended. Thank you so very much to everyone that entered and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the comments! I can promise you that my list of patterns to get, has grown considerably since the start of this giveaway - just don't tell my husband that, lol! ;)

Today is Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day! Even better is that so many bloggers and designers are joining in the fun, and the giveaways last until the 10th! Plenty of time to enter and bring friends along with you!

So because I am not a designer, shop owner, or even organized enough to contact a designer ahead of time, to find out about purchasing a few patterns to giveaway......

Are you ready for my first ever giveaway!? I am!

Info you need to know!
This is for a handmade Lazy Days Lounge Set, made by me personally! There will only be ONE winner!
This giveaway does NOT include the pattern. You will be receiving the finished lounge set ONLY.
For this giveaway I can ONLY ship to the USA. Sorry no international shipping this time. Forgive me!

You will be allowed to choose:
  • Size (12mth - 5T)
  • Whether the set is for a boy or a girl.
I get to choose the following:
  • The fabric used - including colors and prints. Fabric will be cotton knit and/or cotton lycra knit.
  • Summer ONLY set (shorts and short sleeve length).
  • The cute clothing and size tags used.
  • Pattern used: Lazy Days Lounge Set by Fishsticks Designs. Pattern NOT included in the winnings.

Disclaimers - Please read!
This set is handmade by me. I am not perfect. I will do my best work, but I cannot promise that the finished garment will be hailed as perfection itself!
If you have any allergies to fabrics, especially (but not limited to): cotton, lycra/spandex, elastic, polyester, and so on. Please do not enter. I cannot promise you won't have a reaction, and I wish you no harm.
We are a smoke / pet free (besides the chickens, and they live outdoors!) household, but I can't promise the same for whomever touches the package on it's way to you.
I can't replace the item if it is lost in transit.
I cannot be held liable for anything to do with this set once it's in your hands!

Time for the giveaway! 
I'm using rafflecopter for the first time ever. So if you have any issues with this widget, please let me know and I'll do my best to correct the problem asap!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Peek-a-boo Pajamas with Serger Detailing

I have discovered so many talented designers over the past few years. My PDF pattern files are rapidly growing in number, as are my "To Sew" lists!

I have decided that along with the designers I can't do without, for example Fishsticks Designs, I am going to try to use as many of the patterns I have from "new to me" designers as possible this year.

I've already used a couple from Jocole, and one from Ellie Inspired (post coming!). And next up is the Alex and Anna Summer PJs, from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop!

As you can probably tell, I made the silly mistake of stitching down one shoulder seam to the front, and one to the back! Thankfully he doesn't care. He was thrilled to finally be allowed to wear his new jammies with rocket ships and aliens! He kept pointing over and over again, to all the cool little pictures on the fabric! Too cute indeed!

Thankfully I had the good sense to cut out the 3T instead of the 2T. It appears Little Man is having a growth spurt and mixed with a slim fitting pattern, well, they would have been outgrown before the end of summer! 

The only thing I need to change a bit on this pattern is the rise of the shorts. Our kids have all got very high rises. And while it's not usually something I have to think about, aside from diapering, I will have to raise the waist height in these shorts next time by about 3/4" to 1". Just enough that his tushie, okay it's really his diaper, doesn't try and peek out too excessively. It's incredibly simple and only takes an extra 20 seconds to do while I'm cutting out both leg pieces. :)

Isn't he just darling?
And, ahem, can you please pretend that you don't see the food around his mouth? The poor dear is so used to the fact that photos come after new clothes, that he stopped eating after we put them on and ran to the designated photo spot! Not once did my husband and I realize that the other person hadn't cleaned off his face before we got started!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ruffled Neckline Nightie!

I don't generally alter patterns, actually I can come really close to saying never. But as I was sewing the binding onto the neckline of this nightie, I realized that I hadn't cut it wide enough. It wasn't going to be able to be folded and wrap over to the front properly. Whoops!

I detest unpicking . . .detest it with a passion! So I decided that right then was the perfect time to conquer gathering with the serger!

It took quite a bit of playing around and Pinterest searching...but I did it! Then the new gathered piece was sewn to the too-narrow binding, folded over, and topstiched into place. The serger hated me a bit along the front section where everything overlaps, but with a little coaxing she chugged along like a trooper. I did go back and reinforce that whole seam with the sewing machine as well. I felt it was needed with so many layers all trying to be in one place, at one time. Thankfully that was the last step, and finally it was time to turn it right side out for Missy's review.

Miss squealed, hugged the new nightie (and me!), and then declared she would wear it ALL DAY! Ha ha ha! Good thing it's already close to bedtime!

And lest you think that little Missy always behaves for photos, this is a very polite version of what she is usually doing!

The pattern is the wonderful Crossover Tunic from Jocole, that I snapped up on sale a short while ago. I planned on making tops, tunics, and dresses with it for this summer (and I am sure I will) but so far I absolutely love it for nighties!

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