Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 2 & 3 of Mia's "Go to sleep" Training! - Victory!

Day 2:

By 9pm I had her dressed, nursed and ready for bed.  I knew she was tired because she was yawning these giant yawns over and over again! Totally adorable by the way!

I took her upstairs after she kissed Daddy "night-night". In her room I told her it was time to go sleep, she kissed Mommy "night-night" and I lay her down in her crib. She assumed the tummy sleeping position (aka chest and face on pillow and bum in the air with knees tucked under, lol!) which is her favorite but didn't cry! I covered her up, said "Goodnight" and walked out closing the door behind me.  Which of course was when she started crying!

I stopped myself from bursting back in there and decided instead to go get changed into pajamas and get my bed cleared off (laundry day...enough said), telling myself that if she was still crying by the time I was done, I'd go in and console her before putting her back down again.  I could tell it wasn't an "utter despair" type of cry, but never-the-less it tugs on the heartstrings.

Do you know what sounds scares me more?  Sudden silence!!  Like in the middle of a cry she suddenly stops and is completely silent! Eek! Needless to say I held my breathe for a few seconds and then slowly talked myself back into breathing...I mean there was no gagging, or flailing....nothing that would say she was in distress.  She was just...quiet!  A few minutes later she did make a few fussing noises (which were in a strange way good to hear ;) ) and then fell asleep!  This all took place in about 15 minutes....not bad for Day 2 right?!

Day 3 - Tonight:
Tonight Daddy fell asleep on the sofa after dinner totally worn out, the poor dear. He'd had a horribly busy day at work and had gotten home late on top of that.  I managed to get Jared in bed an hour late, but at least he got to bed in fresh bedding and teeth brushed! 

Then  it was Mia's turn for a diaper change, before bed nursing session and then we waved night-night to a sleeping Daddy (Yes he's still on the sofa, I haven't the heart to wake him yet!) and we went upstairs...

I got a kiss night-night and I said it was time to sleep and that I loved her.  I lay her down on her pillow and she assumed the sleeping position.......

No fussing!

Then I covered her up with her blankets....

No fussing!

So I told her night-night and walked out, giving her a little wave from the door before closing it....

NO CRYING!!  Not a peep at all from her tonight! I wish I had a webcam or video baby monitor so I could peep at her after I leave the room...I'm so proud of my baby girl...she's taking this sleep training like a real trooper!

Yay!!! Thank you SuperNanny! (even though I modified your technique for crib bound kids, um, a lot! lol! )

And's the parent's bedtime....



  1. I'm so glad its going well, for the both of you.
    We just went through this with the 2 little ones.

  2. Thank you!

    It really had worked wonders!! I can now put Mia down for her naps or nights, with an "It's time for night-night" and a kiss, settle her onto her tummy, with her blanket and I am able to walk out, close the door behind me and know she will fall asleep on her own without fussing one bit!

    I am a very happy Mommy!


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