Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mia gets 5 new Nykibaby OS pockets!

Well...I had 10 diaper cuts embroidered for me by a very sweet mama on a forum I love....and they've been sitting all neglected in my UFO box for a couple months... oops!  So I decided, enough was enough...Mia is in desperate need of more diapers and I had those pretties just sitting there!

So far I have 5 done and 5 more just waiting on touch tape for the wings:

Beautiful embroidered bums!

And now for some action shots!!


And now for some funnies!

Baby bird trying to get big brother to cave and feed her birthday cake sent over by our friends!

Ready...get set.....GO!!!!

Our #2 daredevil!

One last one......


These were all made with the Nykibaby OneSize pattern found HERE  I love it!  My super long rise girlie can wear the middle rise setting still and she even tested one overnight double stuffed with a newborn and an infant prefold last leaks! Which is pretty darn awesome for a tummy sleeper!

Usually I use all snaps and no touchtape, but we needed some convenience diapers that daddy could use...and quite frankly I'm loving the convenience and ease of use myself!

More to come soon! ;)


  1. They look great, Love the pics too.

  2. So cute! Those embroidered diapers are beautiful. I am missing the days of cute homemade diapers!

  3. Those are amazing.. I would love to make some of those but I don't have any sewing skills. lol But they are Beautiful. I love the sweet model too. :D

  4. Thanks! They're really not as difficult as it may seem. I am just now learning to sew clothes but IMO diapers are easier! :)

  5. I need to find an extra large pattern.. My 2.5 year old has hit 36lbs and I can't fit him in the diapers I have.. :(

  6. Katrina: Have you seen the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern? It has an Extra large that might work: And also there is the Fatty cakes pattern: that has an extra large as well. I know her pattern isn't "in stock" right now, but if you contact her she will re-list it.

    I've never made either in an XL but both should be an option! Are you on : ? If not, I recommend joining! The ladies there are WONDERFUL and will most definitely be able to help figure out which pattern will be best for you!

  7. Wow for some reason it just sent me this. Nope I haven't been to Darling Diapers yet.. I will have to give this a try.. Though I think I may not need them.. We are practicing the potty now.. So Fingers Crossed that we will be out of Diapers for him.. then I will on ly have the baby in them.. But the yours are amazing how did you get them embroidered?

  8. Sorry Katrina, your notifications aren't the only ones on the fritz! lol!

    Thank you! *blush* I actually had a sweet lady embroider them for me, but now I can do them myself with my little embroidery machine :)

    Good luck with the potty training! I hope it all goes easily!


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