Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jammie time!

My kids need jammies, more so Mia than Jared.  So what else is a girl to do than whip out her beloved Fishsticks Designs patterns and leaf through them to find the Little One Layette pattern (you are able to purchase it in NB to 12mths OR 18mths to 5T)!

I decided the lap tee and pants were the way I wanted to go this time. I've never made a lap tee before but Bonnie has never steered me wrong or made a pattern too difficult for me, so I decided it was worth a shot....

Verdict? I LOVE THE LAP TEE! None of that funny droop or having the shoulders slip off like you get with so many bought lap tees! These stay on and fit PERFECTLY! Woohoo! The pants fit perfectly as well!  Please excuse less-than-stellar, taken-at night-with-the-flash really is a cuter set in the daylight!

I made her an 18mth top and a 2T bottom - I know I know, I said no more making her 2T clothing.  But with jammies it's a whole different story in my opinion...jammies are best with a little extra length and width to make sure you can snuggle up and no have legs or sleeves riding up and letting in chilly air! ;) And she's wearing her biggest, thickest night time diaper in these pics and the pants fit perfectly over it! Once I get some new night time diapers sewn up for her instead of just double stuffing her OS diapers with prefolds, she'll be in a trimmer diaper and the 18mth pants would fit perfectly over them then.

Excuse my little model, she was not in the mood to listen to my modelling requests.....and pretend you didn't see the mess in the photo background. I have kids and things get messy, I have learned to deal with it and you might too! ;) lol!

But what about that super cute sleeper you see in the pattern picture?  It's called the Jamie Jumper.....and it's AWESOME! I made 4 for a sweet friend of mine's newborn baby boy! So easy and totally adorable to boot!

and a close up of the teeny tiny cuteness:

And one to stash away:
I swear all the cuffs and seams are put together properly, I just didn't check them before quickly snapping the pic, sorry!


  1. Man...those are some adorable jammies!!! I cannot wait to find out what I'm having so I can make me some jammie jumpers! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you so much Sarah and Bonnie!! You two are so sweet! I'll have more to post soon!


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