Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mia's NEW favorite jammies! (Jamie Jumper)

I can honestly say, without a doubt these are Mia's new favourite jammies!  The minute I started to put them on her she started to get exited, and as soon as I snapped up the last snap and reattached the beloved paci, she took off running around the living room! 

She was giggling, spinning around, jabbering away and 100% smiles and boundless energy! Total cuteness, and hubby and I just sat on the sofa watching her and giggling from her infectious little laughter and antics! We both agree I need to get moving on sewing her some more! She even slept better with these on!

I had already cut out a 2T so I sewed those up, and while they're a little big, they fit well enough now and they'll continue to fit all the way through the upcoming winter!

Excuse the less than stellar pics, she was moving at lightening speed and these were the best of about 20 pics I took trying to show you how they fit!

Whoops! I left out the link so you can find the pattern too! Here it is:
Little One Layette - Bigger Sizes 18mths to 5T


  1. So cute! Thank you for adding the link, I'll have to try these for my little girl :)

  2. Answering your question here about Nancy Larson {sorry, your email isn't linked to your blogger profile! :)

    There are NO references to either of those or anything that would put up a red flag. :)

    Hope that helps you out!


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