Sunday, January 29, 2012

Checklist - Striving for 52 Handmade in 2012

I need a place to keep track of my "To Do" and "DONE!" lists, and what better place to do that than right here? I'll be editing this as I go instead of re-posting as I finish another item or find something else to add to the list.

Items on the "To Do" portion are not necessarily going to be completed in that order. I'll probably choose one to do as the need arises or simply choose one that tickles my fancy that day!

Updated 2012-1-29

  1. Go Mama Diaper Bag
  2. Homeschool cabinet - curtain sewn for opening
  3. Zippered pouch for Missy Moo's crayons with clear vinyl front
  4. Booger's "JOE" stuffie (designed by him in...oh...about 2009!)

  • Mod Kid Kyoko for Missy Moo
  • Finish Missy Moo's In Threes Cardigan I was knitting before Noo-Noo was born
  • Few mug rugs as gifts for family? (UFOs and from scratch)
  • Hello Kitty wall hangings from panels for Missy Moo
  • IOOP shorts from cammies I have aside for Booger
  • Sheets and pillowcases for Missy's bed from our queen sheets as well as new veggietales, HKitty etc fabric
  • Build Ana White workbench for garage so that I can build more easily
  • Build big kid picnic table from Ana White
  • Sew doll diapers, moses basket etc for Missy's doll, Ariel
  • Sew medium sized lego playmat for Missy, the one that has a drawstring to close it- small enough for her to carry it around, even on stairs without her tripping
  • Sew sweatpants and jackets for Missy for next winter from the hearts and stars sweatshirt fleece
  • Sew jammie pants for me and kiddos from the stretch french terry
  • Tank dresses with lettuce hems from the Muse of the Morning, Practically Perfect Tee pattern and tutorials on her blog
  • Patch holes in homeschool cabinet (from hardware removal)
  • Sew long Spin Around dress with cap sleeves for Missy Moo
  • Sew shorter Spin Around dress - sleeveless
  • Quilt for Booger - maybe Quilt as you go,like Keyka Lou did?
  • Wooden puzzle (and other) storage envelopes with foldover flap and clear vinyl front - also one for Moo's ballerina
  • Dragon on the Loose's Owl softie for Missy

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