Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 52 - Week 1 - Breakfast

A new start for a new year!

I decided to start over with my Project 52 this year because I am joining many wonderful ladies (from amateur to pro) on a photography forum I am a member of. Each week we're assigned a theme (this past week was "breakfast") and then we need to photograph something that depicts that theme for us.

Considering we usually make our own breakfasts, and not eat a beautiful gourmet meal each morning (think oatmeal or toast with yogurt for the kiddos, and cream of wheat or bagel etc for me), I decided to make Pumpkin Waffles and turkey bacon, drizzled with agave syrup!

And here's the resulting image:

Oh and this was taken using a lightscoop...I LOVE my lightscoop!

Week 2's theme is: UP. Off to brainstorm!

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