Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Striving for 52 Handmade Items in 2012

My goal for this year is 52 handmade items completed. They can be UFOs (UnFinished Objects) or something started this year. Sewn, built, crafted, knitted....you get the picture!

Basically I have a lot of things I want to get done and I never seem to get them completed. Partly because of lack of free time and partly because I'm scared that I will detroy the item in some weird and bizarre way, wasting both time and supplies. BUT...this year I am going to make more and try to worry less about disasters that haven't happened yet!

COMPLETION is more important that achieving perfection.
'Tis my new motto for the year. All the plans and projects I have in my head and pattern drawer mean nothing if I never actually get something done!

So in that spirit...here's project #1.

I cut out the Go Mama Diaper Bag a couple months before E was born last year and never actually got to sewing a stitch,once again, partly from lack of time (hubby was deployed until right before E was born) and partly because I was scared to try it.

Good news: It's DONE!  And this bag is HUGE! I don't know that I really need a bag this big anymore, but it will be especially useful to have all the extra space when we are out of the house for the day and I need to bring spare clothes for 2 of the kiddos and extra diapers, snacks etc. I promise, that plus more will fit!

I changed up a few things. I added an extra set of pockets on the other inner side, two elasticized loops for keys etc, I lined the back pocket, added a cute tag that you can't see (will take a pic of that soon with a link up to where you can buy ones like them!), and I also used duck cloth to stabilize the inner layers because I forgot to iron on stabilizer onto the inside of the outer layers before sewing *whoops!*. 

All in all, it took a lot on concentration and time, but I love it and even the hubby is impressed *win!*. If you need a big bag, I definitely suggest this one!  

Soon I will be making one of these as well, because a girl can never have too many bags! Okay that's not true, but I really, really want to make this one from Fishsticks Designs, because her patterns are awesome and worth every single penny! 


  1. You did awesome!! I'm so happy you started me on this journey. I'm loving everything I've done so far!

  2. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the comment you made regarding the quilt as you go tutorial I did. Hope you have fun with it. I could not reply directly as your email is not shown - comes up as no-reply. Good luck xx


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