Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 4 of 52

20-26 November 2011

What a week this was. Hectic to say the least. Thanksgiving week and yes, I COMPLETELY forgot to take any photos on Thanksgiving day! Whoops. It's also a week filled with Ethan waking a lot at night from a stuffy nose (mama is soooooo tired right about now), and the washing machine breaking down the day before thanksgiving and us not realizing until the day of...  you know...  once the washing had already started piling up. The washer got replaced this past Friday with an oldie off the local yard sale site. It's not that pretty, and needs a good clean, but it works and that's the main thing! ;)

It was also Black Friday this past Friday, which means I indulged in a few actions for editing in PSE (Photoshop Elements) and presets for LR (Lightroom).  I haven't dabbled with my PSE ones yet, because let's face it, I'm clueless on PSE right now...good thing I have a PSE "how to" book on my Christmas list for Mr Santa ;)

So, for now, I've been playing with the LR ones. I'm especially loving the Film Art presets from Clickin' Moms. I also used some presets from My Four Hens Photography, the "Flatten" action from the Pioneer Woman, and the storyboards from Paint the Moon Photography.
And without further ado, here's this weeks photos:

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  1. The pictures are amazing. You're a camera natural. :-)


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