Sunday, November 6, 2011

Let the fun begin!

Mama's new toy arrived this past Thursday. My pretty, almost new, Nikon D90 as well as my brand new Nikon 35mm f/1.8G lens! I was also spoiled rotten enough to get the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 zoom lens as well!
*This is the part where I do a really crazy looking happy dance, and you pretend you're not feeling the urge to run away in fear, or take really embarrassing blackmail photos!*

So this is the start of my own personal 52 week project. I am hoping it will be one that shows growth in photography while at the same time documenting our crazy lives and silly kids over this coming year. 

I won't just do one photo a week. I'll be doing a small collection of the best of each week, and it'll most likely happen over the weekend. Really busy weeks it might only be one, but other weeks it might be 10!

So without further ado:

WEEK 1/52

Princess Poodle seems to have had a mild reaction / eczema type reaction to something she ate that landed up on the lower portion of her face - we're really hoping it wasn't the strawberry jam that she smooshed all over that area a few days ago, as she won't like missing out on strawberries. This is how it looks on day 3 and she's been fiddling with her lip again.

Mia pretending to read all about "Jack and Annie" in the Magic Tree House to Jared. Can you believe that's our first baby? He's going to be NINE years old in December...we're definitely not ready for him to be this big already!

Love the vintage look from the Adobe Lightroom free preset I downloaded from MCP Actions. So cute! Two cute kiddos just enjoying the book and pretending to read for Mommy!

Ms Ariel Dolly was a very patient model for me, and to thank her she's getting her sweet little smile posted online. Thanks again Ms Ariel!

Mr Funny Face himself! That's his "I'm so excited and chatting all at the same time" expression. And he's a very good sport with not being bothered by being in a pink and purple bouncy chair, even when it's displayed online!

Ms Ariel, while a great model, is awfully naughty and doesn't keep her shoes on. This sometimes means Mia is required to pin her baby down to get her shoes back on. It's so difficult being a mama!

Ah yes..the typical "You hurt your WHA-AT?" (my sad attempt to type the famous line from Mater in the movie Cars) facial expression from Mia. We see this one so often and yet I've never been able to capture it on camera - til now!

Pretty Del Mar beach in bright afternoon sun.

Same spot a little further into the sunset. Don't judge my post-processing in Lightroom2 too harshly. I'm a total newbie (I've only had the program installed for less than a day now!) as well as a total DSLR camera newb as well. 

But seeing as I'm half asleep at the keyboard, I'll end this first week right there. Night all and see you again for Project 52 next week! 

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