Thursday, November 8, 2012

Handmade 52: Item # 21- Backpacks are fun!

They're even better if they're made from a little girl's beloved Hello Kitty fabric!

This is another super, fun, FishSticks Designs pattern: The Playdate Messenger Bag for Mom and Backpack for Tot!

It's surprisingly quick to sew up, and now that I've made one I will be sure to keep an extra set of the strap hardware and other supplies on hand. Why? Because this would be a great gift to whip up for "that birthday party you just remembered is coming up this weekend and you haven't bought a gift yet"!

I desperately need a fun bag for myself, as my current diaper bag is just too big to grab if I am dashing out of the house alone. So I'll be making the messenger bag for myself soon. I wonder which fabric I'll use? :)

The straps stay on her shoulders beautifully. And even thought she's already in a 4T/5T for clothing, the straps still have room left to lengthen out some more as she grows.

I just love the flap! It's a great spot to add a bright splash of colour. Here you can also see the loop on top for hanging on hooks or in cubbies. As you can see the bag is big enough to hold plenty of treasured objects, without being too big for them to carry or put on themselves.

And lest you think that she always is well behaved for photos. The majority of our photos this year look more like this!
Her "I'm a model" pose.
This one is called: "I'm too cool for the camera" ;)

**Sorry for the bad photo editing. I'm afraid that until I stop editing on a laptop, my results will be a bit hit or miss!**

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