Monday, November 26, 2012

Handmade 52: Items 23-34 - A Dozen Ottobre Panties

Yay! They're done!

I am very much a fan of assembly line sewing when I have multiples of something to sew up. And that's exactly how I finished up these. Thankfully panties are small so serging multiple side seams or leg bands in a row doesn't actually take that long.

Once again I used the Ottobre 4/04 panties pattern. Size 104 with seam allowances except for the leg openings. Also, you will see that 11 of the 12 have the That Darn Kat style leg bands. They simply work better for Missy. She doesn't mess with them, they provide a tiny bit more modesty to her undies, and they're super simple to sew in, which is a bonus!

The last pair has been mailed off to a new home. The leg bands done the way Ottobre directs, simply don't feel comfortable to her. Once again, there is nothing wrong with the Ottobre method at all, it is neat and soft to the touch when done. It simply doesn't work for Missy-girl.

Also, if you don't have the Ottobre pattern book I used, and don't feel like waiting for a copy to arrive in the mail, I highly recommend the That Darn Kat pattern for undies. It includes boy and girl versions, and I know many a mama that swear by this pattern for a great fit every time!

The stack!

11 of the 12 pairs.

Close up of the top row fabric choices.

Bottom row fabric choices.

The pair that had to find a new home.

And as you can tell, this girlie isn't only into princesses and castles! Pretty much any print is fair game. I just love that!

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